Trailhunters offers fully-guided and shuttle-assisted mountain bike trips and adventures in the epic Aragon’s Pyrenees in Northern Spain. From summer riding weeks and multi-centered enduro tours, to sunny winter biking trips; our mission is to become your favorite destination to explore mountainbiking in its purest form.

Situated in the very heart of Zona Zero, in between totally diverse and unique mountain ranges, our region offers an amazing playground for bikers of different levels. From natural and technically challenging riding to more adrenaline filled tracks, the trail network ranges from epic backcountry and high alpine trails to our local rollercoaster right on our doorstep and around the medieval town of Aínsa.


If all we did was ride and talk about how much we love mountain biking, we would be entirely unnoticeable. Instead, we show up at work every day, whether it’s out on the trails or in the office, with the sole intention of creating and delivering the best mountain bike experiences ever. Our love for biking is the focus that drives us to make our adventures better every time. Of course, we run our trips according to all legal requirements with relevant insurances.

Trail custodians

Sustainability and respect

We take trail sustainability seriously because without great trails, there would be no great biking...That is why we always ensure that we are working to maintain our existing trail network and recover lost trails. We take pride in promoting a sustainable form of tourism. Bringing riders in from around the world to our favourite trails, we must be responsible for the upkeep of these trails and ensure they remain in good shape for everyone to enjoy for years to come. Mountains are our playground and they need all of our respect.

Friendship and fun

Sharing great experiences

We simply cannot conceive mountain biking without friends. We are proud to say mountain biking has brought us the best friends in life, and allowed us to enjoy what are probably the best memories ever. Trailhunters is the result of friendship and passion for our mountains. We feel that is the essence of this sport, rather than being faster than anyone, or competing against a chrono (although we do like to compete from time to time) we believe in mountain biking as a sport for fun and for sharing great experiences.

Professional local guides

Extraordinary people, great trail companions

We demand recognised qualifications from our guides (no online qualifications here!) but this is always just an entry point. On top of this we seek out guides with, not only most trail experience, but also those with great life experiences too; those extraordinary people who make for great friends and trail companions.

We focus on having a small group of trusted guides who can continue to maximise their guiding experience through each season and ensure they are keeping their guiding skills as sharp as possible.

With our combined efforts we are now making mountain bike guiding a viable career option and raising the bar for guide standards.

Personalized service

Plan your trip with a fellow mountain biker

From the second you call or email with an enquiry, you will be in touch with a personal advisor who will be with you from this initial contact until your wheels start rolling on your epic adventure.

We are mountain bikers, just like you, and will spend time getting to know the kind of riding you love just to identify your perfect biking experience.

Carefully crafted biking adventures

Holistic aproach for lifelong memories

At Trailhunters, we specialize in mountain biking adventures and that is all we do. Our mountain bike tours are carefully crafted by us to be a combination of physical challenges and cultural adventures. Everything has been considered, researched and tested by us. Epic scenery, rich cultural experiences, wonderful food, great company. We take great care and pride in our work and create experiences that make lifelong memories.

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