Workshop (2hrs)

Would you like to make some progress in your biking? Need help with a specific technique or do you need to adjust your bike components? Would you like some uplifting comment from an expert and see what you can work on? A workshop out in the field can help you out with all of that.

Guided biking

Get out with a guide on the trail you would like to bike or let us take you on one of our tailor-made trails. Available for:
– 1/2 day,
– entire day (6-8hrs),
– long day (12hrs) for die-hard bikers.

Guided biking on alpine trails

For experienced bikers only.

Night bike

Do you want to experience something different? Be all alone on the trails and enjoy the nightly sounds of the woods? Join us for a bike trip at night. We’ll get you the right gear to light up the trail and see everything in a whole new perspective. Even more exciting beneath a full moon!

Guided biking day + uplift(s)

Get one or more uplifts and skip the longest climbs.


Our guide service always include:

  • Pre-bike briefing & post-bike beer
  • Bike and gear check
  • Tips & tricks to improve your biking skills
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Road assistance in case of drop-out
  • Insurance


  • Uplifts
  • Rental protection gear (full face helmet and goggle, gloves, knee and elbow protection)
  • Rental bikes
  • Provisioning/Picknick


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