Driver / Logistics / Administration

Els’s passion truly lies in being outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer, be it on a mountain bike, on a paddle board or just hiking. She is pretty good at organizing stuff and will gladly advise you on which trip to choose according to your level, custom tailor a trip just for you and organize all those small details that turn a normal mtb trip into the most unforgettable riding experience you’ve ever had!

#favoritetrail: Tella Express
#nogoforme: Loose rocks
#languages: ES - EN - FR - NL

Organizing unforgettable riding experiences.


Licensed mtb guide / Photographer / Driver / PR

Pedro has spent half a life-time out on the bike and the other half making pictures. From Costa Rica‘s jungle to the heights of the Atacama desert and Morocco’s mountain range, Pedro suffered/enjoyed it all. Now, as a professional photographer, he can still be found out biking and making spectacular shots of bikers and bikes. And birds. And landscapes. Whatever comes along...

#favoritetrail: La Caparra
#nogoforme: Trails with no rocks
#languages: ES

Smile, you're on camera!


Licensed mtb guide / Trailhunter

Jeroen is an enduro-refugee. Coming from a land with no mountains (and no sun, no wine, no tapas), Jeroen managed to be one of the first fulltime mtb guides in Zona Zero. He loves to take people out in his new hometown and show them around his favorite trails. If you need tips & tricks to improve your biking skills, Jeroen is the right guide for you.

#favoritetrail: Comodoto & Gallinero
#nogoforme: Wet tree roots
#languages: ES - EN - NL

Improve your technique.


Licensed mtb guide / Mechanic / Trailhunter

Jorge is a pro mechanic and can fix almost anything. He will have your gear checked before the ride and make sure you can’t blame the bike if something goes wrong! He also loves to talk so don’t spill all of your breath on the uphills. Engaged to explore every single meter of Zona Zero’s trail network, Jorge is involved in trail clearance and maintenance. He also enjoys helping out organizing bike events and leads initiatives for the young riders in the area.

#favoritetrail: Zona Zero EWS 2018 Stage 1
#nogoforme: Fragile bikes
#languages: ES - EN - FR - DE

Fixing all mechanical problems 'en route'.


Licensed mtb guide / Driver / Mechanic

Mati knows his way around Zona Zero because he cleaned up great part of the trails. He‘s not very keen on the uphill riding but hey, a man ’s gotta do what a man ’s gotta do... Mati likes to tear bikes apart. And cars. Nevertheless, he has high technical biking skills and can’t wait to teach his son to do the same tricks as dad (the kid better not want to be a football player). Mati is always in a flow state of mind - even when the trails aren’t - and likes to enjoy each ride, no stress allowed on his trips!

#favoritetrail: Bajo Peñas
#nogoforme: Uphill biking
#languages: ES - EN

Just enjoy your ride!


Licensed mtb guide / Driver / Logistics / Traihunter

If you are into cross country or gravel biking, then Tony is your man. He came to Zona Zero from the UK via South Africa (no worries, on the bike he’s better at navigating) and loves to climb. He has created his own combination of trails in and around Zona Zero to escape hard enduro descents and enjoys showing people around his latest discoveries. He engages with the local bike club and takes part in trail cleaning activities. Always in for a laugh, Tony makes every minute out on the bike well spent.

#favoritetrail: Anything flowy after a good climb
#nogoforme: Sweat in the eyes
#languages: ES - EN

A day without a ride is a day without a smile.
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