Zona Zero, a must-bike region that will surprise you in many different ways.

Home of the EWS in 2015 and 2018, Zona Zero has been welcoming bikers from all over the world ever since. And they come for a reason. Ancient trails have been recovered by local bikers to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the county of Sobrarbe in another way. Abandoned villages, surprising traditions and stunning scenery. Zona Zero is our playground and we would love to share it with you.

Puro Pirineo, biking the alpine way.

Less than an hour away from Zona Zero, in the county of Ribagorza, lays another local project where authorities realized the sustainable role mtb tourism can play in a region suffering economical difficulties. At the foot of the highest mountains of the Pyrenees, winter is harsh and long. But once spring arrives, many kilometers of spectacular trails show up from underneath the snow. Some of the longest descents of the Pyrenees are waiting for you to enjoy.

Alto Gállego, way down we go.

Towards the other side, west from Zona Zero, lies the region Alto Gállego. Over 500km of trails bring you from the green fields around Sabiñanigo over fast single tracks in the woods of Biescas towards the mountain lakes of Tendeñera, this region has it all. They even have 2 downhill spots with artificial structures, used in the Aragón DH championships.

Sierra de Guara, canyon country.

To the south of Zona Zero, Sierra de Guara may seem like a hostile environment. And that’s exactly what it is. Steep canyons, rock sections, high temperatures and a desolate terrain may turn your bike trip into a very challenging experience. But if you prepare well and avoid summer, you will certainly enjoy the extraordinary landscapes and many single tracks.

If there’s a trail, we bike it.

We constantly expand our horizons and look for the best trails to offer you. That’s why you will also find us riding the Basque Coastline, in Navarra’s forests, in Spanish Utah (Calatayud), in the desert of Bardenas Reales, in Monegros, Burgos, Cuenca… Come join us for the best trails you’ve probably ever ridden.

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